Research in Islamic Studies at Harvard

The Alwaleed Islamic Studies Program at Harvard is affiliated with the following research initiatives at Harvard. For other projects, programs, and initiatives at Harvard related to Islamic Studies, see Harvard Resources.

Islam in the West
The Islam in the West program is an is an interfaculty collaboration program that was launched in 2003 with provostial funds. The mission of the program is to enhance our knowledge on Muslim minorities in secular and democratic contexts in the West, assist students from different schools and disciplines engaged in the study of this subject in finding guidance and resources, develop a collaborative group of Harvard faculty members from different disciplines with an interest in the subject, and to advance knowledge in a relatively new and increasingly important area of research.

The IslamopediaOnline Initiative: Web-Based Resources on Contemporary Islamic Thinking
This research project began with a two-year grant from the Carnegie Corporation of New York with Profs. Ali Asani, Roy Mottahedeh and Jocelyne Cesari as co-principal investigators. It is the development of IslamopediaOnline, a comprehensive, web-based, interactive collection of diverse discourses on the Islamic tradition. The main goal of this initiative is to develop a comprehensive resource that gathers in one place the current databases, interpretations, and controversies concerning Islamic religious tradition in Muslim and non-Muslim societies. The overall goal of IslamopediaOnline is to contribute to a better dialogue/understanding between Islam and the West by providing non-biased information, promoting knowledge of the vast diversity of opinions within the Islamic tradition and to develop collaborations between Muslim intellectuals and scholars and students across cultures and languages.

Islamic Heritage Project
Through a new collaboration among Islamic-studies scholars, librarians, and curators, Harvard University’s Open Collections Program has cataloged, conserved, and digitized Islamic manuscripts, maps, and published texts from its renowned library and museum collections. The result is a new online collection comprising more than 145,000 digital pages available to Internet users everywhere. Entitled the Islamic Heritage Project, or IHP, the collection is made possible with generous support from Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal. Read more from the Harvard University Library.

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