“Muslims in America: The Story I Heard” Belmont-Citizen Herald News (MA) article by Roger Colton and video presentation

Belmont-Citizen Herald News, April 7, 2016

Much of what was said at the recent forum on “Muslims in America—Hearing Their Story” here in Belmont (MA) was not really about Muslims at all.

The Belmont Religious Council and Belmont Against Racism, amongst others, hosted the forum. Concerned citizens packed the room at the Beth El Temple, accompanied by elected officials, representatives of the Belmont police and members of Belmont’s faith-based community.

The evening was powerful. In explaining why understanding Muslims is a “human rights” issue rather than a religious issue, Harvard professor of religions Ali Asani said that “every human being has multiple identities. Religion is one. Race is another. Gender is another. But when you categorize a human being with multiple identities, and you see this human being through just one dimension, it’s dangerous.” Asani strove to “alert us to the dangers of denying Muslims the multiplicities of their identities and viewing them uni-dimensionally, just through the lens of religion.”

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Watch the video here.

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