Dalia Abo-Haggar

Dalia Abo-Haggar - Arabic Preceptor

Center for Middle Eastern Studies

CMES 303

Center for Middle Eastern Studies
38 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138


Dalia Abo-Haggar joined Harvard in 2011. She obtained her PhD from the University of Pennsylvania, in the department of Near Eastern Languages and Civilization, and her MA in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from the American University in Cairo, Egypt. Her dissertation, "Repetition: A Key to Qur’anic Style Structure and Meaning," focuses on Qur’anic style and rhetoric. She wrote her Master’s thesis on Egyptian Educated Spoken Arabic, the extemporaneous speech of educated Egyptians, when discussing issues of culture and modernity. Her primary interests include stylistics of the Qur’an, Arabic Language and Linguistics.

Prof. Abo-Haggar has a substantial teaching experience at the American University in Cairo as a lecturer of Arabic at the Center of Arabic Studies Abroad (CASA), Arabic Language Institute (ALI), and the Arabic Language (AL). She has taught listening, speaking, reading, and writing at all levels of Modern Standard Arabic (MSA) and Egyptian colloquial to graduate and undergraduate students.

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