Byron Good - Professor of Medical Anthropology

Department of Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School


641 Huntington Avenue
Boston, MA 02115



Byron Good’s present work focuses on research and mental health services development in Asian societies, particularly Indonesia. He has been a regular Visiting Professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Gadjah Mada University, in Jogyakarta, Indonesia. Prof. Good’s broader interests focus on the theorization of subjectivity in contemporary societies — on the relation of political, cultural, and psychological renderings of the subject and experience, with a special interest in Indonesia. He is an editor of two new volumes published by the University of California Press: Subjectivity: Ethnographic Investigations (Biehl, Good & Kleinman, 2007), and Postcolonial Disorders (M. Good, Hyde, Pinto & B. Good, 2008). He continues to investigate how culture and social forms structure the onset, experience, and course of psychiatric disorders, and is an editor of Culture and Panic Disorder (D. Hinton & Good, Stanford University Press, 2009).

Prof. Good is Director of the International Mental Health Training Program, funded by the Fogarty International Center to train psychiatrists from China in mental health services research, and Co-Director of the NIMH Training Program in Culture and Mental Health Services, which has brought post-doctoral trainees in medical and psychiatric anthropology to Harvard for 24 years.

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