Bart Bonikowski - Assistant Professor of Sociology

Department of Sociology

636 William James Hall

33 Kirkland Street
Cambridge, MA 02138



Bart Bonikowski received his Ph.D. in Sociology from Princeton University in 2011. Prof. Bonikowski studies ways in which political institutions reflect and shape the cultural models employed by individuals in their daily lives and how these models vary within and between major units of social organization, such as nation-states, racial groups, and socioeconomic classes. His current work in this area examines the sources and political consequences of commonly held conceptions of the nation-state in modern democracies and the transformation of these conceptions over time.

He has also published on a variety of topics related to culture, inequality, and social networks, including the impact of ecological competition between musical genres on changes in the distribution of cultural consumption preferences, the use of racial profiling in state counter-terrorism practices, the effects of race and incarceration on labor market inequality (with Devah Pager and Bruce Western), the remunerative consequences of Internet use (with Paul DiMaggio), the demography and network characteristics of entrepreneurial teams (with Martin Ruef), and the social and political significance of voluntary associations (with Miller McPherson).

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