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Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal joins Harvard Professors Nicholas Burns and Ali Asani in a panel discussion.

Professor Nicholas Burns moderates a panel featuring Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal and the six directors of the global Alwaleed Centers including Ali Asani of Harvard, John Esposito of Georgetown, Magda Shahin of the American University of Beirut, Alex Lubin of the American University of Cairo, Hugh Goddard of the University of Edinburgh and Yaser Sulaiman of Cambridge University.

Harvard Islamic Studies Faculty: Lectures, Panel Discussions, & Media Appearances


Ali Asani

Ali Asani

Muslims in America: Hearing Their Story, What We Need to Know to Counter Bigotry

Beth El Temple Center, Belmont, MA



Shafique Verani

Shafique Virani, Assistant Professor of Islamic Studies at the University of Toronto

The Clash of Ignorance

A TEDx Talk on You Tube




Robert Wisnovsky

2015 H.A.R. Gibb Arabic and Islamic Studies Lectures,
delivered by Professor Robert Wisnovsky

“Avicenna and Avicennism”

“Muhammad ʿAbduh’s Metaphysics in Context”




Reflections: A Conversation with Salim and Sulaiman Merchant

Moderated by Ali Asani



Ali Asani


Ali Asani
“The Aga Khan” PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Program





Ali Asani
Annemarie Schimmel Memorial Lecture at the Metropolitan Museum of Art





Fargana Qasimova Ensemble in Concert at the Harvard Divinity School





Ali Asani


Ali Asani
“Recruiting Radical Muslims” PBS Religion and Ethics Newsweekly Program





David Roxburgh
“A Timurid Embassy from Herat to Beijing, 1419-22, recorded by artist Ghiyath al-Din Naqqash: Timurid art after China”





Gulru Necipoglu
“Points of Contact: New Approaches to Islamic Art”



Dr. Jocelyne Cesari


Jocelyne Cesari
“Islam in the West–A Clash of Civilizations”



Intisar Rabb


Intisar Rabb
“Back to the Future of Islamic Law: Digital Islamic Law”



Ousmane Kane. Photo by Jonathan Beasley


Ousmane Oumar Kane
“From Medieval Sankore to Modern Say: Islamic Institutions of Higher Learning in Africa”

Kane, Prince Alwaleed bin Talal Professor of Contemporary Islamic Religion and Society, delivered the inaugural Prince Alwaleed bin Talal lecture. The lecture took place on March 6.


Ahmed Ragab


Ahmed Ragab
Interactions of science and religion in the 21st century




Malika Zeghal


Malika Zeghal
“Veiling and Unveiling Muslim Women: State Coercion, Religion, and the Disciplines of the Heart”





Leila Ahmed
Islam and feminism





Asim Khwaja
Shaping Beliefs and Cultures





William Graham
“Light as Image and Concept in the Qur’an and Other Islamic Sources”





William Granara
“Contesting the Mediterranean as Homeland in French and Arabic Colonial North African Literature[s]“



Ali Asani


Ali Asani

Faculty Insight: Islamic Law

“Understanding Islam and Muslims Beyond the Headlines”



Leila Ahmed


Islamic Studies Faculty Seminars are held regularly during the academic year.

Islamic Studies Faculty Seminars are held regularly during the academic year.

Leila Ahmed
“Women’s Rights in a Man’s World”

Interview on the symbolism of the veil




Mark Elliott
“Reinventing the Manchus: An Imperial People in Post-Imperial China”





Byron Good
Theorizing the Subject in Contemporary Ethnography




Malika Zeghal

“Representing Women: Culture, Religion, and Revolution”

“How to End a Revolution”



2013 Islamic Studies Conference – Communities Like You: Animals and Islam

HRH Princess Alia of Jordan delivers the keynote address at the Fifth Annual Alwaleed Islamic Studies Conference at Harvard.

HRH Princess Alia of Jordan delivers the keynote address at the Fifth Annual Islamic Studies Conference at Harvard.

HRH Princess Alia of Jordan
Keynote Speech: “Respect for All God’s Creation…Humans, Animals, and the Environment”



Dalia Abo-Haggar
“The Queen of Sheba, the Hoopoe, and the Ant:
The Story of Solomon in Surat al-naml”




Susan Kahn
“Bedouins and their Hunting Hounds: The Noble Saluki”




Roy Mottahedeh
“Felines in Middle Eastern Islamic Culture”





Ahmed Ragab
“Animals for People and People for Animals”



2012 Conference - Expressions of Islam in Contemporary African American Communities


The Fourth Annual Islamic Studies Conference: “Expressions of Islam in Contemporary African American Communities”

2011 Conference - Contemporary Islamic Thought on Good Governance 

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