Communities Like You: Animals and Islam – Resources

On this page you will find references and links to books and articles written by our conference speakers on the topic of animals and Islam, as well as additional resources on the topic. To suggest a resource, email

Selected Speaker Bibliography: Animals and Islam

Additional Bibliography: Animals and Islam

Additional Bibliography: Animals and Religion

Web resources:

  • Animals in Islam - Al-Hafiz B.A. Masri’s book, available in its entirely online.
  • Beyond Halal - A project examining the relationship between Islamic law, ethics, and the treatment of animals. In addition to serving as a space for discussion and research, Beyond Halal hosts a list of farms and businesses providing meat from animals raised sustainably and humanely.
  • Dogs in Islam - A collection of resources on the Islamic view of dogs.
  • Halal Advocates of America - An association providing research, information, and certification for businesses in the United States and assuring Muslim consumers of business compliance with Islamic law.
  • Object Oriented – Alexander Brey on “art, archeology, and the pursuit of happiness.”
  • The Princess Alia Foundation - An advocate for animals and animal rights across the Arab world.


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